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We live in a dynamic world and from the time of the apostles till now ministry has been constantly changing, but the Lord’s mission remains the same. The only outstanding thing is how to do ministry in a fast and changing world. We believe strongly that God is raising a new remnant to build His church in these last days and therefore it is critical they are equipped with the right training, information, tools and most of all the anointing to fulfill this great calling. It is for this reason, God laid on our hearts to start this yearly conference to impact the next generation of leaders.


This conference will seek to educate, mentor and train young pastors/ ministry leaders, mainly under 40 by great men of God our land and beyond who have stood the test of time in ministry and have influenced countless lives for a long period of time.



We also believe this initiative is expedient because most upcoming generation of Christian leaders are either falling prey to the schemes of the enemy, going the wrong direction or crumbling under pressures of ministry and that calls for a serious mentorship from our fathers in the land, so the church of our Lord in this country will be secured for posterity sake.

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